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Giving Your Kids A Head Start In The World: How Multicultural And Linguistic Daycares Can Help

The world is rapidly expanding into a diplomatic place. As such, primary and secondary school students are expected to learn diplomatic languages that include Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, French, and sign language. These four languages, along with English, are all used in the U.N. and in matters of federal importance. If you want to give your children a multicultural education while also giving them a head start on foreign languages, a linguistic daycare can help in all of the following ways.

Five Languages Learned Every Day

Children in a linguistic daycare will see that everything is labeled, and not just in English. For example, "table" is not labeled "table" in English, but it will also have the French "tah-bluh", the Spanish word for table, and the phonetic pronunciation of the Chinese word for "table" as well. Small pictures that depict the signs for "table" in sign language will also be adhered to the table. In and on every possible object this will be visible so that your children can learn while they explore their classrooms. As for smaller objects or things that cannot really be labeled like pens, pencils, and paper, the words will be on the storage buckets and the teachers will find ways to incorporate these lessons into their daily activities with the children.

Helping You Set up Your Home for Linguistic Learning

If you are interested in continuing linguistic learning at home, you can ask your children's teachers for lists of words and their phonetic pronunciations so that you can label and practice these at home. Some of the teachers of the older children may also send home flashcards and practice sheets of words that they expect the older children to memorize and recite at the end of each week. Even infants can learn sign language, which has been a great help for crossing the language barrier when dealing with a non-verbal child. Also, check out books from your local library on sign language, or videos, since it helps to see how words are signed rather than look at motionless pictures. 

What Else You Can Expect Your Child to Learn

Along with learning five languages, your child will learn about other cultures, customs, holidays, and food. These all expand a child's mind so that they are not limited by what they see, hear, or encounter outside of daycare. Your children will learn respect for other cultures and gain a sense of curiosity about the world around them, all of which will be very valuable in tomorrow's world.