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Three Effective Ways To Deal With A Child's Sickness At Daycare

Whether you're working at your job or simply trying to get things done around the house and around your community, being able to drop your child off at daycare services in the morning is a liberating feeling. You'll have your day free, and you'll know that your child is having fun in a safe and enriching environment. The last thing that you want is to get a call from the daycare operator indicating that your child is sick. While you feel for your child, you also understand that this can be a logistical challenge for you. Here are three effective ways to deal with a child's sickness in this situation.

Take Turns With Your Spouse

Children getting sick is common, so it shouldn't come as a surprise if you were to get a call from the daycare operator. When you and your spouse are getting ready in the morning, get into the habit of deciding who will be "on duty" for dealing with an issue of this type. Evaluate each of your days. If one person has a busy day with a presentation or a long meeting, the other spouse can be the go-to person for dealing with the child's illness. Making these plans in advance will allow you to react quickly if one of you needs to pick up the child.

Involve Trusted Adults

There can be times that both you and your spouse are tied up and cannot drop what you're doing to pick your child up from daycare. At the same time, if he or she is seriously sick, you can't just ignore the issue until the end of the workday. Recruit in advance some trusted adults who can step in and help you. If your parents are retired, they might be assets in this manner. A trusted neighbor could be, too, as could your adult siblings. With several trusted adults surrounding you, you can effectively delegate one of them to pick up your sick child should the need arise.

Consider The Severity

Daycare operators are trained to deal with sick children, so consider the severity of your child's illness as you talk to the daycare operator. If your child is only moderately ill, you might wish to ask if the operator can have your child rest for a period of time and then report back to you. Often, children can get sore stomachs and other common issues for short periods of time, and then feel better. If the child can comfortably rest at the daycare until he or she feels better, you won't need to rush to pick him or her up.