Preparing Your Child For Kindergarten In The COVID-19 Pandemic

If you are a parent of a child that is about to start kindergarten in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, you may, understandably, be unsure of what to tell your child or how to prepare them for their kindergarten experience. Much is up in the air with schools and education right now, but there are some steps that you can take to help your child achieve success in kindergarten in spite of the COVID-19 situation.

Three Effective Ways To Deal With A Child's Sickness At Daycare

Whether you're working at your job or simply trying to get things done around the house and around your community, being able to drop your child off at daycare services in the morning is a liberating feeling. You'll have your day free, and you'll know that your child is having fun in a safe and enriching environment. The last thing that you want is to get a call from the daycare operator indicating that your child is sick.

Giving Your Kids A Head Start In The World: How Multicultural And Linguistic Daycares Can Help

The world is rapidly expanding into a diplomatic place. As such, primary and secondary school students are expected to learn diplomatic languages that include Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, French, and sign language. These four languages, along with English, are all used in the U.N. and in matters of federal importance. If you want to give your children a multicultural education while also giving them a head start on foreign languages, a linguistic daycare can help in all of the following ways.

How To Help Your Pre-Schooler To Get Ready For Kindergarten

Aren't the years just zooming by? It probably feels like yesterday that you were changing diapers and getting up in the middle of the night to tend to your baby. Now you're realizing that the time will soon come that your little child will be entering the world of real school. Here are some things you can do to help prepare him or her to be ready for the monumental experience of going to kindergarten.

You're A Working Parent With An Elementary School Age Child – What Are Your After School Program Needs And Options?

As a working parent with elementary school-age children, the chances are that your child gets out of school before you get out of work each day. Finding the best after-school program for your child is sure to be a priority. There are many different types of after school programs for elementary school age children in Canada. When looking for a program, you will want to take both your child's and your needs into consideration.

Montessori Preschool Programs: How They Work

Unlike a traditional school, a Montessori school operates in a much more open and less structured way. Many parents consider sending their preschoolers to a Montessori program because it allows the students to learn very important habits like self discipline and sensitivity. If you've considered sending your preschooler to this type of program, read on to find out how it is different from a traditional public or private school. An Open Room

Help Your Homeschooled Child Build Social Skills And Catch A Break Yourself With These Ideas

There are a lot of things to love about homeschooling. However, one thing that you might worry about is ensuring that your child is properly socialized. Plus, you might wish that you could catch a break yourself every now and then. Even though you might love homeschooling and spending time with your little one, spending time with your child 24/7 can be more than a little bit exhausting. Luckily, these tips can help your homeschooled child to develop social skills and can allow you some me time as well.